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Join Komal Hatti as she presents iLAB: Intelligent Lean Lab.

Due to advancements in data analytics and ever-increasing competitive forces, more laboratories than before are considering lean and Industry 4.0. Once considered luxury items, lean and Lab 4.0 are quickly becoming a necessity for the process-driven labs owned by clinical research organizations (CROs).

Globalization has increased competition and created supply chain management challenges for these labs. As a result, most CRO labs have increasingly struggled with maintaining high-profit margin. Advancements in the building technology over the last decade such as flex lab have alleviated some of these challenges. It is the author’s belief that CRO labs will be one of the early adopters of Lab 4.0 technology as they have the most to gain, compared to other types of labs. This presentation proposes a methodology for creating an effective framework for implementing Lab 4.0 for CRO labs, using OSCM Principles.

The ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo draws pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical professionals at all levels of the industry from young professionals to the most senior executives in drug manufacturing, supply chain, devices and equipment and services, and global regulatory agencies. 

More information and registration for the ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo Virtual Conference can be found here: 

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