R&D Decommissioning Master Plan - Integrated Project Services - IPS
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R&D Decommissioning Master Plan

Provided a Decommissioning Master Plan to outline the activities required to transform R&D business and streamline the research organization into a more focused geographic footprint at a 615,000sf campus. IPS developed a formal decommissioning and site deactivation master plan and process specifically for R&D and laboratory operations scheduled for relocation, renovation, vacancy or closure.  The plan also addressed removal and disposal of all chemical, radioactive, biological or other hazardous materials, equipment and items posing a potential danger.  A partial list of the IPS Decommissioning Master Plan include Definition of “End State”, Asset Management, Risks and Assumptions, Logistics and Implementation, Regulatory Impact, Asset Disposition, Green Decommissioning, Verification and Business and Financial Considerations