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Jason Collins, AIA

Director of Process Architecture

Advanced Aseptic and Process Architecture Expert

Areas of Expertise


The design of a facility must support the process and compliance needs of the products it will manufacture. Once these parameters are defined, the fun can begin.

- Jason Collins
Director of Process Architecture

Jason S. Collins, AIA, is a premier process architect who develops concepts of pharmaceutical facilities for various clients around the world. Jason focuses on advanced aseptic facility design and is a well-known for his knowledge of barrier and isolation technology. He has conceptualized and led the final design and construction services for numerous cutting-edge biopharmaceutical facilities around the world.

Jason is experienced in conceptual and detailed architectural design, as well as construction related services. He uses unique visualization techniques to take clients through the conceptual layout phase and for the development of unit operations. As Director of Process Architecture, his focus is on designing world class integrated facilities that support manufacturing and operational processes. 

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  • p. 888.366.7660

Recent Projects

  • New Multi-Lyo Isolated Filling Suite for Potent Products - USA
  • Aseptic Cytotoxic Facility Design - USA
  • Biopharmaceutical Site Master Plan - Canada
  • New Bulk Facility Design - Canda
  • Site Master Plan - Brazil