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Food & Beverage

With over twenty-five years of industry-specific experience with Food, Baking, Beverage and Dairy manufacturing, we offer a broad range of fully integrated Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Qualifciation services and technical expertise to provide cost effective solutions for your most pressing needs.

A sampling of projects that IPS has successfully completed include laboratories, processing and manufacturing  facilities, pilot plants, kitchens, mix rooms, tank farms, cold storage areas, production line additions / relocations, plant relocations, cleaning / sterilizing systems, filling and packaging systems, utility generation and management, process automation, building automation systems, offices, operating spaces, distribution areas and warehousing. 

Areas of IPS Technical Expertise

Baking Dairy Beverage Food

Snack Foods, Crackers, Cookies and Cakes

Production Systems

Liquid Handling and Delivery Systems

Dry Bulk Handling and Delivery Systems

Dough Handling Systems


Post Conditioning Systems

Storage Tanks and Silos

Dust Collection Systems

Ingredient Storage and Handling Systems



Process Automation

Raw Ingredient Receiving/Storage Systems

High Temperature Short Times (HTST’s)

Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Systems

Pasteurized Milk Storage and Distribution Systems

Aseptic Storage Systems

Central CIP Systems

Automated Plant Wide Cleaning Circuit Schematics

Ice Cream Production Systems

Yogurt Production

Cheese Processing

Process Automation

Purified Water Systems

Beverage Mix Room Layouts

Hot Fill Systems

Aseptic Systems

Juice Processing

Carbonated Beverage Manufacturing

Filling and Packaging

Process Automation

Facilities & Infrastructure




Fire Protection

Building Automation

Compressed Air

Process Water (RO, USP)

Meat Processing

Pasta Manufacturing

Pudding Manufacturing

Baby Food

Salsa and Condiments Manufacturing

Aseptic Processing

Tomato Paste and Purees Formulation and Delivery

Pilot Plant Design

Dry Liquid Bulk Material Storage and Handling

Kitchen Design

Food Additive Manufacturing

Blanching, Cooking and Cooling

Continuous and Batch Processing

Process Automation