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Energy and Sustainability

We provide the knowledge, flexibility and technical expertise through our risk-based approach designed to reduce risk, lower costs, improve efficiency and productivity and comply with mandates and requirements. We minimize the impact of operations through energy management programs and our unique solutions to modernize facilities and reduce the environmental footprint.

Working with leading companies around the world, IPS provides sustainable design and Engineering, Construction and enhanced Commissioning solutions focused on sustainable development / planning and comprehensive energy and environmental management programs.  Examples of project successfully completed are: renewable energy systems, new and existing utility plants / systems, chilled water plants, air distribution systems, cogeneration systems, emergency generators, gas turbines, etc. 

Helping to Achieve Your Energy Goals

  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Gas Emissions and Management
  • Energy Modeling / Simulation
  • Renewable Energy Consulting
  • Energy Audits / Assessments
  • Energy Recover Analysis
  • Benchamrking
  • Incentive Procurement
  • Peak Shaving Systems
  • Cogeneration
  • Operational Analysis
  • LEED Design / Certification
  • Utility Master Planning and Optimization
  • Metering Master Planning
  • Building Modeling
  • Hydronic Modeling

 Recent IPS Efficiency / Productivity Impact and Results