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Strategic Master Planning

Comprehensive, well-conceived strategic and capital master planning can help guide companies to the most logical, cost effective solutions for meeting project objectives and achieving short- and long-term strategic business goals. IPS experts develop and execute strategic capital and site plans for clients that optimize spend, and significantly reduce, the cost of operations and life cycle maintenance.


  • Program / Strategy / Execution Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Facilities Planning and Studies
  • Environmental Regulations and Permitting
  • Site Selection / Master Planning
  • Technology Evaluations
  • Capital Planning
  • Operations Assessment
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Process Review and Optimization
  • Benchmarking
  • Engineering and Design Review

 Our Successful Strategic Planning Supports Achieving Client Short- and Long-term Goals

  • We are currently working on a 10-year project to renovate a solid dosage manufacturign facility to help align to client's new strategy to manufacture multi-source generics.  Working with the Decade Business Case Feasibility Study, we assisted with determining which investments were necessary to support organic growth pillar of the business.  Modifications to the facilities and equipment are to be upgraded to meet the long-term production forecast for OSD manufacturing and packaging. In addition, operational efficiency and continuous improvement methodologies were implemented, along with increased storage and circulation space, lab space, DEA material storage, loading docks and locker areas.
  • The goal of the master plan was to assess the current operations and improve the cost of goods by consolidating operations into one or two buildings on the site. IPS developed capacity models and assessed operational efficiency and then developed conceptual layouts and test fits of the operation into existing buildings. Working with the client's team, we assisted in identifying what products and unit operations would stay at the site, developing a road map to identify the capital investment required to achieve the goal of this site.  IPS evaluated options and ultimately developed a 5-year plan for the site.