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Meet the Expert

  John Gilroy, PE,

Lean Certified

John has developed and has successfully executed our "Lean" methodologies to deliver higher quality, control costs and maintain long-term operational dependability for clients.


Contact John at 888.366.7660 or

LEAN Project Delivery at IPS

We understand "Lean" and how it supports bottom-line business goals and objectives. We have taken a lead role in developing and implementing our own "Lean" Project Delivery methodologies and understand how it supports bottom-line business goals and objectives, resulting in real value for our clients.

Reducing Project Timelines to Help Lower Costs

IPS has taken a lead role in developing and implementing Lean Project Delivery, further driving our vision to help our clients succeed.  By focusing on the following four distinctive areas, we have been able to reduce overall project costs as well as project timelines.

  • Reduce Cost
  • Reduce Waste and Redundancy
  • Improve / Gain Value
  • Continuity and Sustainability

Our in-house experts analyze and challenge every step of the project delivery cycle and develop unique ideas and solutions to eliminate wasteful and redundant processes, as well as leverage all resources, including vendors and subcontractors. We developed unique processes and reshuffled the traditional project delivery sequence generally designed for “risk allocation” and “pass the responsibility” sequence.  IPS has practiced these alternative ideas and executed a number of successful “Lean” projects.

The following areas are unique to Lean Project Delivery at IPS: