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BIM Expertise


Using parametric models of robotic assembly equipment, we optimized the size of a manufacturing facility to accommodate equipment without making it so large that it generated excessive utility costs.


For a vaccine production facility, the overall MEP scope was under budget, our approach cut nearly 10 weeks off the critical path, and the owner met the desired goal of beating its “historical best” timeline by three months – nearly 10%.

Enhancing Delivery of Facilities with BIM Technology

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology represents an approach to architectural and engineering design that delivers a multitude of benefits around the delivery of technically complex projects. Using BIM, we have developed alternative approaches which have helped our clients achieve lower first costs, reduced operational costs, compressed construction timelines and improved overall performance.

BIM Provides Control over Challenging Fast-track Capital Projects, Expansions or Major Renovations

BIM Helps Shave Construction Costs by as Much as 10-15%

BIM Offers Operational Advantages

Expert Insight

"Enhancing Delivery of Complex Facilities with Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology", Andrew A. Signore, PE, PMP-DBIA, CPIP and Steve Franey, RA; Pharmaceutical Engineering, September/October 2009, Volume 29, Number 5