Tom Piombino - Integrated Project Services - IPS
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Areas of Expertise

  • Process Architecture
  • Bioprocess Facility Design
  • Interactive Facility Planning & Programming
  • Project/Design Management
  • Single Use Integration
  • Realization of the FoF
  • Process Improvement
  • Inceptioneering

“With so many breakthroughs in therapeutics in recent years, each project process has become a new and different challenge to making drug products that could change lives. It’s a ever-evolving journey and frankly, a privilege to be able to contribute.”

Tom has worked in the Biopharmaceutical industry for 20 years as a manager, engineer and process architect. He has contributed to the design, construction, commissioning and qualification of many manufacturing facilities currently producing key biopharmaceutical therapeutics and vaccines in the global marketplace.


Tom's depth of work with vaccine, cell therapy and monoclonal anitbody production facilities have allowed him to gian access and valuable insight into the equipment, processes, operations and suppy chain requreiments for these facilites.


•   Co-Author of “Single-Use (SU) Systems”, Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology (Wiley&Sons, Ltd.) – Chapter on SU technologies and how they can optimize new facility designs for biologics manufacturing and sterile filling.


•   Author of “Implementing an Owner Agent in Design Build”


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Recent Projects

  • Clinical Scale SU Cell Culture Facility
  • SS Bacterial Fermentation Facility
  • SU Viral Manufacturing Facility
  • Advanced Development & Manufacturing Facility